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Dear Leaseholder,


With less than a week to go before the 2023 RA AGM we would ask that if you are unable to attend the meeting either in person or on Zoom that you appoint a proxy by writing to stating your apartment number and building, the name and email address of your proxy and the way in which the proxy should vote on each of the three matters outlined below. Committee member Jean Dornhofer is available to act as proxy for anyone who would find this helpful.


1. Ratification of Constitution (see link) 

2. Ratification of Committee (see link) 

3. Vote for or against proposed RA subscription free, which will be used to cover running costs such as the CBW community app, RA insurance, as well as any legal or consultancy costs that may arise over the next year, including for the RTM process.


For those able to attend, the meeting details are as follows:

Day: 23 April

Time: 10.30-11.30 (please arrive a little early so that we can start on time)

Venue: The Turbine Theatre (BPS Arches)


Zoom Link for those unable to attend in person:


Despite the many continued challenges involved in trying to secure better communication, transparency and service levels from R&R, this is an exciting time for the RA as we move closer to an application for RTM. In the time since being elected, we have begun conversations with all the freeholders so that we can put the RA in a stronger position within the current management framework and, most importantly, we have made real headway in the early stages of the RTM process by meeting with a number of prospective estate managers and asking the questions that will help us move forward in a coherent and structured way.


With this email, we are also sending the data collected so far on historic water features expenditure and the findings from Roger Southam's preliminary accounting audit. On the water features file, please note that this shows expenditure for both fountains and ponds. Getting figures from R&R will be one of the focus group's tasks and these figures will be shared once we are closer to having the information we need to present to leaseholders for a vote. Rest assured that the new focus group will be providing information for all prospective options (including predicted maintenance costs) so that leaseholders have a balanced range of facts/figures. This includes keeping current fountains (and a prognosis on their shelf life), replacing the current fountains with planters, replacing the current fountains with a modern alternative.


Links to documents for the AGM and other documents can be found below. Anyone who is unable to join the CBW RA app to view these documents can request an electronic copy by sending an email to


RA Constitution:

RA Committee members:

Fountains, historic expenditure:

Roger Southam's accounting audit findings:


The meeting agenda is as follows:


Chair's welcome

Summary of priorities for year ahead from current Joint Chair

Summary of 2022 achievements from former Chair, Stephen Thomson

Summary of 2022 accounts and 2023 budget from the Treasurer

Ratification of Constitution

Ratification of Committee Members

Vote on increase to RA membership subscription




Finally, if you are interested in joining the Committee and taking an active role in securing leaseholder interests, please get in touch by writing to


We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Documents are property of the CBWRA and not for further distribution without permission. 

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