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Dear CBW Residents

We are pleased to announce that there will be an online election to select committee members for the Chelsea Bridge Wharf Residents Association (“CBWRA”). The committee will consist of the Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a representative from each of Burnelli, Centurion, Hawker, Howard, Lanson and Warwick Buildings and a single representative from Eustace, Horace and Oswald Building. The representative structure broadly reflects the different types of leases of leases CBW leases.

The committee will run CBWRA on a day-to-day basis on behalf of the members (i.e. the residents of CBW) and will organise meetings and carry out any decisions made at these meetings. The membership of the committee should reflect the people it represents with regard to age, tenure, sex, ethnicity and disability whenever possible.

Secretary - A Secretary is responsible for administration and communication. They set the agenda with the Chair, take minutes of meetings, distribute previous minutes and agendas for meetings coming up, and occasionally write letters on behalf of the RA. Members of the RA can assist the Secretary with their allotted tasks.

Treasurer - A Treasurer oversees the management of any money collected. They pay bills and keep accurate records of money received and spent. The Treasurer works with the committee to carry out financial planning for the year. They ensure that all expenditure is agreed at a minuted meeting. They should prepare a financial report and bank statement to the committee at every meeting. At the end of the year, they prepare the final account.

Building Reps - A Building Rep represents the interests of the residents of a particular building.

The purpose of this email is to ask anyone interested in applying for the any of the above posts (in the first instance) email to put their names forward or ask any questions about the process. This needs to be done by Tuesday 16 March.

Candidates will be asked to produce a short document of no more than 250 words setting out their qualifications for the role and what their priorities will be if they are elected. They may also wish to provide a photograph but this is not compulsory. The term will be for 12 months after which there will be another election. The position is unpaid but there is funding available to cover expenses.

A second email will be sent out as soon as possible with the candidates' "manifestos" and a link to an online voting system.

Each Leaseholders has one vote (2 votes if a property is in joint names). Every tenant is also eligible to vote (as named on the tenancy agreement).

We look forward to hearing from you. It is incredibly important that there is an active committee so please do put your name forward if you care about how your service charge is raised or spent.

Yours faithfully

Stephen Thompson


Chairperson CBWRA

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