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Concierge Services


Estates Management Team Staff are employed to provide a provision of services to the Chelsea Bridge Wharf Estate and are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at the main Management Reception. The reception desk can be contacted from your apartment directly via the video entry system handset or on 0207 501 7600. Concierge Staff are available to help and assist with day to day queries as necessary.


The Concierge Staff are not responsible for anything internally within the apartment. They may be able to provide names and telephone numbers of suitable contractors, however, all contact in such cases should be direct between the contractor or supplier and the residents concerned. Please kindly note that the Managing Agents or employees and/or contractors will not and cannot be held responsible for paying any service provider or contractor nor will or can they accept any responsibility for the work carried out on your behalf.


The Concierge facilitates the holding of keys on a temporary basis only. Keys that give access to apartments are held on the express understanding that this is entirely without responsibility. The recipient of the keys must sign for them and clearly print their name, reason for borrowing them, and the time and date. The record will also show when the keys were returned.

We recommend that residents leave keys with the Concierge for emergency use, or for issue to contractors. Once a key disclaimer and waiver form has been completed, enclosed with this guide, keys can be left for safekeeping and will only be issued to other parties with your written authority. Please be aware that if an authority has not been received, visitors, contractors etc., will be refused access. So that we can identify the person who is picking up the key on your behalf, please ask them to have photographic identification with them. Concierge can hold one key for your apartment to be used for emergency purposes only. If you wish to release your key on occasion to family or friends, we would ask that you inform us of this beforehand in writing so that we can identify the person who is picking up the key on your behalf.


A dry cleaning and laundry service is offered at Chelsea Bridge Wharf. To take advantage, please register by phone or follow the online instructions: or call 0207 193 3130.

Once you have registered and inputted your information online/phoned, you can then give your items to the concierge on duty. The concierge will then hold these items to be collected by Laundry Republic; they will then be cleaned and returned to the Management Suite for your collection.

Your dry cleaning and laundry will need to be left with the concierge by 10 am each morning to be included in the day’s collection. The dry cleaning and laundry service takes either 1 or 3 working days. Tailoring services are also available through Laundry Republic. However, due to the personal nature of tailoring these arrangements need to be made directly with them.



For health and safety reasons the water and electricity meters are located in locked rooms within each building.

Should you require a water or electricity meter reading please contact the Management Suite – 0207 501 7600. For data protection reasons all requests must come from an authorised person (owner, tenant or agent, etc). Meter readings will normally be issued within the hour that the request was made. If the request is made by phone or in person the concierge, the readings will be taken that day and placed through your letterbox.

If you would like to read the meter yourself please contact the concierge for an appointment to access the meter. This appointment will be made for the earliest convenient time for yourself when the Concierge is able to leave reception. Please do not break the seal on the service unit as this may invalidate the warranty.


Deliveries for residents can be received at the reception desk. Rendall and Rittner nor its employees accept any responsibility for any mail and/or deliveries lost or damaged.

For your convenience, the concierge will accept post on your behalf when you are not at home. Please register your details at the Management Suite for this service to commence or kindly register via the Assistant Property manager Jeanette Jones for the Rendall and Rittner online system.

The Management Suite is not equipped to take delivery of large items such as furniture and you are respectfully advised to either take delivery of large items in person, or arrange for someone to be in attendance at your apartment to do so.

When collecting your items please bring photographic identification. Similarly, mail cannot be given to third parties unless notification is provided in advance.

The Concierge Team does not provide a door to door service. Please kindly make sure that you organize the delivery of bulky and heavy items to your apartment. If you will be not available you need to send an authorisation to Concierge to open the door for the deliverer. Please kindly note that due lack of space and facilities Concierge cannot store food or perishable items.

POST COLLECTION (Sending a Letter)

There is a red post box by the entrance to the car park; post is collected daily at 15:50 Monday to Friday.


Concierge is more than happy to book a taxi for you. Please call the Concierge on 0207 501 7600 and our team will assist you in booking a suitable taxi/chauffeur service.

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