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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Chelsea Bridge Wharf Residents App!


Communities thrive on mutual respect, inclusivity, and constructive engagement. When joining the CBW App community, you agree to abide by the below terms of use, designed to foster a positive environment for all:


1. **Be Constructive:** Engage in discussions thoughtfully and respectfully. Add content that contributes positively to the community. Do not use derogatory remarks, trolling, or inflammatory language.


2. **Respect Your Neighbours:** Remember, every member is a valued part of our neighbourhood. Treat others with kindness, empathy, and understanding. Personal attacks, harassment, or bullying will not be tolerated.


3. **Zero Tolerance for Discrimination:** Our community is built on diversity and inclusion. Discriminatory behaviour, including racism, sexism, homophobia, or any form of hate speech, is strictly prohibited.


4. **Uphold Integrity:** Maintain the integrity of our community by sharing accurate information and avoiding deceptive practices. Do not engage in activities that could cause harm to others, including spreading factually incorrect, unfounded or misleading information, promoting scams, or encouraging harmful behavior.


5. **Use Authentic Identity:** Transparency is key to building trust. Please use your real identity while interacting on the platform. This helps ensure genuine connections and fosters a sense of community among Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents. Usernames are accepted but the name and email address used on registration must be your own.


6. **Respect other people’s privacy**

Never use or share another person’s name, personal details or identifying information without their written consent.


**Complaints Procedure:**


Should you encounter content or behaviour that violates these terms, we encourage you to report it promptly. Here is our complaints procedure:


1. **Report:** Write to us at to flag any content or behaviour that you believe violates these terms of use. Provide specific details and evidence to support your report.


2. **Review:** We take all reports seriously. Our moderation team of Residents Association (RA) members, acting reasonably, will review the reported content or behaviour to determine whether it violates the terms of use.


3. **Action:** If the moderation team reports that the content or behaviour is found to be in violation of these terms, appropriate action will be taken. First, the app member who is alleged to have breached them will be notified and details of the violation will be shared with that member. The app member will be given the opportunity to respond. After consideration of any response (if one is received), the moderation tea

m may, if appropriate, issue a written warning to the offending app member and also request the member to remove any content that violates the terms of use. In the event that the app member refuses to remove the content in question, they will be issued with a second warning and the content will be removed. Any app member who receives a warning may appeal the decision of the moderation team by following the appeals process at step 6.

4. **Account Suspension or Termination:** In the event the same app member receives 2 warnings for violating these terms of use, their account may be suspended or terminated. This app member may appeal the decision of the moderation team by following the appeals process at step 6.

5. **Severe violations:** In the case of severe violations of these terms of use, the moderation team reserves the right to temporarily suspend an app member's account while the matter is being reviewed in accordance with step 3.

6. **Appeal:** Any app member who receives a warning or has their account suspended or terminated has the right to appeal the decision. Appeals should be submitted to Appeals will be reviewed by the RA committee at the next committee meeting. The RA committee will vote on whether or not to take further action and their decision will be final. The fact that an appeal has taken place and the outcome of the appeal will be shared with members via the committee meeting minutes. The member requesting the appeal will be notified of the RA committee's decision.

We believe that by working together and upholding these terms of use, we can maintain a welcoming and safe environment for all members of the Chelsea Bridge Wharf residents community. Thank you for your cooperation.

CBW Residents Association

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